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Please note: G&L Security Training is a Training school. We do NOT provide jobs, nor can we get you one. The ability to obtain employment from any of the companies listed below will directly correlate to your experience, certifications, and other factors outside the control of G&L Security Training. G&L Security Training does not imply that we can employ any of our students and provide this job board as a courtesy to our clients.


Patrol Solutions is headquartered in Citrus Heights, California, and has been providing armed and unarmed contract security services to a wide variety of markets since 2010, including Northern California, the San Francisco Bay Area, the East Bay, and Southern California (Los Angeles and Orange County). Our clients include government agencies and municipalities, as well as various types of properties and entities in the private sector. With a custom-tailored approach to each of our clients, Patrol Solutions provides security solutions to meet the specific needs of different agencies and businesses.

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