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Private 1:1 Firearm lessons

Private 1:1 Firearm lessons: $125.00 per hour.

 Discount is given for anything over 4 hours. 

We offer private and semi-private instruction to students that need individualized instruction or want a specialized program that meets their specific needs. Private classes for individuals or small groups allow our instructor(s) to customize and condense a lesson plan into a two-hour (or longer) block of instruction. This allows students that don’t have the ability to spend a full day on the range to receive the same instruction in a shorter period of time according to their schedule. We offer private firearms instruction to individuals, small groups, and even large private groups. Private firearms training sessions include Private (or semi-private) CCW / CCW Renewal Classes, and Private Handgun Instruction. 

Please contact us for questions about private firearms instruction, rates, or to book your next private shooting lesson.
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