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Zero to Hero Program

Our Zero to Hero program includes everything you'll need to start your career in armed security. This includes a 5-day, 40-hour guard card class and two days of an Exposed firearms course.

This class DOES NOT INCLUDE the following fees:

Range Fees: this fee can vary depending on where you train; please get in touch with us directly for more information

Ammunition: You are responsible for purchasing your own ammunition. We CAN NOT provide ammunition to you. 

You may be able to purchase ammunition at the range

Live Scan Fee: $112.00-$150.00 (click for livescan locations)

BSIS Initial Permit Fee: $100.00 BSIS FACT SHEET

Psychological Exam: $60.00 BSIS Assessment Requirement

These fees are your responsibility.


 If you need to reschedule your class, your fee will be applied to the next available class.

Please take your psychological exam prior to paying for your class. Class Fees are NON-Refundable if you fail your psychological exam.

Zero to Hero Program

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